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COVID-19 has changed the world and this has been disastrous for many companies. The travel industry has been one of the hardest hit in many ways due to the nature of this pandemic. Despite the problems, the travel companies have been giving back now in various ways. Keep reading to learn about how the travel companies are helping people out during this pandemic.

Offering Free Transportation

Some airlines have been offering free transportation for specific things. For example, Air Canada has recently started helping to transport cargo across the country that is vital to fighting COVID-19. Transporting medical equipment where it needs to go is a crucial part of keeping things safe. It’s good to know that many travel companies are trying to assist with transportation as much as they can.

Providing Accommodations

Some independent hotels have been providing free accommodations to medical workers during the pandemic. There are many cities around the world where this has been taking place. Some medical workers have been unable to go home to their families because they don’t want to risk infecting them due to being potentially exposed to COVID-19 at work. Thankfully, many hotels are stepping up to provide free accommodations and this has made many things easier for healthcare workers.

Donating Food

Many hotel chains and airlines have been donating food to local healthcare facilities during the pandemic. People need to remain fed in order to keep doing their jobs properly. When businesses step up to provide help in this way, it makes it easier to ensure that everyone has access to good meals. Keeping communities fed during the pandemic is important and food donations can go a long way.

Trying to Make Things Safe

Of course, the travel companies are also doing their best to try to make things safe. Airlines are adopting strict social distancing policies in many instances and are cleaning very carefully. The car rental companies and hotels are also paying close attention to how they’re cleaning things. Everyone is working hard to ensure that guests and customers will stay as safe as possible despite what is going on.